Welcome to Tim & Sharon's Website

January 19, 2012 Posted by Tim Marriott


Hopefully this is the start of something. I needed a place to start to build up a presences on the web. In the past we have rented our condo which is located down in Zihuatanejo Mexico. It is on a beach called Playa Blanca. At the south end of the beach about 3 miles from our condo there is a village called Barra de Potosi. This is the basis for our domain name "barrablanca". We no longer rent our condo so that website is not that important anymore. I still have a link to it at the top under the Condo tab if you are interested in seeing it.

I wanted to expand the website a bit to include some other stuff you might find interesting. The first addition is a photo gallery under the Photos tab at the top. The initial album is pictures taken when Sharon and I had the honor to travel on the USS Abraham Lincoln from Everett Washington to San Diego California this past December. I am still for photo gallery software that does what I want. I expect this to change over time. I will also post interesting links and downloadable files under the Links tab above. I left the Blog tab up there for a possible future Blog. I am still not sure this will happen, but we shall see.

As the site is new things are not all hooked up yet. Hopefully it will grow over time. I suppose this is a 2012 resolution of sorts. We shall see!!! Not too interested in comments right now so that link is not live yet.